Cheap and luxury copy Rolex Daytona watches online

I’m talking about rolex replica, and today they came out with a completely hollow Rolex Daytona replica watches, which they designed with former formula one driver Juan Pablo Montoya. It looks cool!

Copy Rolex Daytona crafted for Juan Pablo Montoya

When we received the news about ‘La Montoya’, I had to admit that I was not overly enthusiastic. That is, until I open my email and look at the photo. I was really surprised. Previous creations from the same company also look good, and are very different from regular custom (read: blackened) copy Rolex. But the luxury fake Rolex Daytona, also made for Juan Pablo Montoya and also based in Geneva, does more than the average Rolex replica watch.

So what makes this so different from most retrofit watches? Stainless steel case and chain are more or less unchanged, although the back and ring have been modified. The back cover now has a sapphire recessed pane, so the hollowed out Rolex replica watches swiss movement can be seen (or appreciated). Around the sapphire crystal, the back of the case is engraved with “Les ArtisansdeGeneve” and “Juan Pablo Montoya” and the limited edition number of individuals. On the front, many things have changed and the ring has been replaced by a custom ring with a speedometer made from forged carbon blocks. As an old racing chronograph (and original model), it comes with a speedometer scale.

The movement has been hollowed out. We mean the main board, the bridge and even the main spring drum have been opened. Many parts are coated, but not before hand brushing, cutting and polishing. The finishing is superb! The cheap Rolex replica watches 22k gray-gold rotor is polished and has a round surface. All of this creates a rather interesting display. In particular, the hollow dial, hand-cut and polished oblique, and equipped with three color counter. Like the hands, the counters are hand-painted in the colors of Juan Pablo Montoya’s country of Colombia.

While I hardly see the “focus” of a custom swiss copy Rolex watch, I don’t think there’s much harm in doing so. The original is still the original, which is the model of the brand. Sometimes, however, the look can show the other side of the watch, an aspect that has yet to be explored by the brand. When done in a very qualitative and stylish way, I might like it. It’s like a tribute to the wind chill 911 or the Mercedes amg-gt R (Brabus). This is the new look of the existing car (or watch). It brings something new. For example, when we showed off two Rolex Submariners a few years ago, or a special 1019 (Milgauss) tribute made by craftsmen in Geneva, it definitely looked like a fab!