Cheap Rolex Deepsea D-Blue Replica Watch

Cheap replica Rolex Deepsea D-Blue is a comfortable, excellent watch for everyday wear. Deepsea D-Blue has a “D-Blue” dial to recognize Cameron’s deep dive. Dial color gradually changed from dark blue to black. The Deepsea font on the dial and the paint on the Cameron submersible are green. The dial still retains the iconic Rolex text, with five lines of text in the lower part, plus the inner circle information.

Luxury Deepsea D-Blue replica watch’s wider bracelet and larger folding clasp, these proportions have a more harmonious feeling. The end of the bracelet no longer protrudes from the lug. Another new feature is the placement of a miniature Rolex crown on the edge of the dial between the words “Swiss” and “made” at 6 o’clock. The distance between the case and the bezel has been shortened, thus limiting the amount of dirt that can penetrate the watch. The round luminous mark on the frame is not so high, so it is not easy to damage. The bracelet has been redesigned to be more soft and comfortable.