Hot sale replica Gold Rolex Sports Watches from China

With its bold colors, gold and rose gold Rolex replica watches proudly sport precious metal makeup. On the other hand, platinum quietly decadent, often be mistaken for more mainstream stainless steel.

White Gold Rolex Submariner

Like all modern Subs, luxury fake Rolex Submariner ref.116619 uses a 40mm Oyster case, Cerachrom ceramic ring and Oyster chain. However, unlike any other Submariner diving table (except for the 1970 prototype), the ref.116619 is refined in 18k platinum. What makes the Submariner ref.116619 stand out visually, besides its heavyweight platinum structure, is its bright blue dial and bezel combo – which earned the car the nickname “smurf.”

White Gold Rolex GMT-Master II

Rolex did manage to make a gorgeous Pepsi ceramic ring that debuted on the platinum 40mm Oyster Oyster case at the gmt-master II ref.116719blro. Keep in mind that these two colors are not just for aesthetics, but that it can actually distinguish between night and day in the second time zone. The cheap Rolex replica watches second time zone points to the 24 hour marker by the arrow on the black dial, while the Mercedes center pointer indicates local time. The gmt-master II ref.116719BLRO comes with an 18-karat platinum Oyster bracelet, and because of its weight, you can definitely feel its presence on your wrist.

White Gold Rolex Daytona

Rolex Daytona ref.116509 is a luxury chronograph. The top swiss copy Rolex Daytona ref.116509 is made almost entirely of 18k platinum, from a 40mm Oyster shell with a spiral chronograph button to a dial ring to an Oyster sport strap. Unlike platinum Submariner and platinum GMT-Master II, platinum Daytona offers several dial-like options. However, they all include three registers on the dial, a 30-minute timer, a second hand display, and a 12-hour counter with a signed 3/6/9 o ‘clock layout.