Stainless Steel Rolex Replica Watches

Back in 2018, I wrote an article about why stainless steel Rolex replica watches are so hard to find, as a response to readers’ questions. Since then, things have gotten worse. If anything, Fake Rolex’s steel motion model has become increasingly difficult to find. How? In this article, I deeply discussed the problems faced by many watch enthusiasts, and also discussed the problems faced by Rolex replica brand.

Rolex Replica Watches

We still don’t know the answer in 2018 (you can read the article here), and made some assumptions about the fight against the gray market (leading to some heated discussions below the article). According to the reader, this is about limiting supply so that they can maintain value (not sure what fake Rolex can get from it). This also enables them to sell more two-color and precious metal Rolex replica watches. Some people believe that the brand will supply more to China, which means less to countries such as Europe and North America. (Authorized) dealers have many guesses, assumptions and stories. However, now it is 2021, we still find ourselves in a situation where we can hardly buy Rolex. It is no longer limited to steel (motion) models, but is applicable to almost any model and any material.

No Rolex replica Watches

In my collection career of more than 20 years, the sales of Rolex replica watches have always been one wave after another. When a new model comes out (whether yacht master 16622 or green crystal Millgauss), it is always difficult to get it immediately. However, since the late 1990s, Daytona has been labeled “unobatanium” for the first time. However, even Daytona can be purchased from dealers at retail price at a specific time and period. Rolex is a typical watch, suitable for those who have something to celebrate, business success or just a specific milestone. Of course, it is also a status symbol. But it will certainly not reach today’s level. Frankly speaking, the rise in the price of new Rolex watches and second-hand Rolex watches has become ridiculous.

Steel Rolex Replica Watches

Now, you can say that the value of a watch is the price anyone is willing to pay for it. This may be true, but it spoils the fun of buying or collecting Rolex replica watches. Because more and more people do not have such good intentions, wearing them may even destroy themselves. Recently, one of our neighbors (wearing a submarine dating suit) told me that when she was walking in the city, she was frightened by everyone staring at her watch. “They used to look at me, but now they are obviously just watching my wrist.” One of the negative effects of this madness may be common in other parts of the world for a long time, but it will certainly not be in the place where I live.

This is not limited to fake Rolex (much like the usability topic), but brands such as replica Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet have also been affected.

Rolex replica watches at grey market

Obviously, these dealers in the gray market have received many private calls. They just put themselves on the waiting list, or have the opportunity to buy a new Rolex from the dealer for retail and provide it to them at a high price. The dealers in the gray market are conducting gray marketing, or something similar. In the past, as they told me, they could get Rolex replica watches directly from authorized dealers. It has become quite difficult these days, not only because the private sector has done some proper turnover work, but also because the authorized dealers themselves. Authorized dealers began to provide their best customers with new Rolex replica watches with appropriate marks by using different commercial registrations. It is usually advertised as “our second-hand business”, but in fact, it sells a new watch a week ago with a label on it.

Steel Rolex Replica Watches

It is a good move to become the number one customer on your own waiting list and cooperate with your sister company to operate second-hand watches… Authorized dealers should be a reliable and trustworthy source, not a source trying to cheat the final customer. I can’t imagine a brand like Rolex would be happy about this. But on the other hand, I can’t imagine that they don’t know this dark transaction.

production of Rolex replica watches

Now is the interesting part. I (and perhaps you) have thought that Rolex only needs to add one manufacturer, which should not be too difficult. You would say it’s a matter of money. They must have a lot of money. We have seen this scarcity for some time (therefore, the 2018 article, we think it will not get worse), so fake Rolex must be the same. In fact, I mentioned this recently in a conversation with an employee of Rolex. The reaction is twofold. First of all, it is very likely to add another Rolex production facility. The main problem to be solved here is staffing. Rolex needs time to acquire the additional personnel needed for the new production facility. Secondly, the problems that Rolex replica watch must solve before increasing production are not so simple.

Fake Rolex must answer the following questions: Is the demand for Rolex watches mainly from those who only want to buy a good replica watch, or mostly from speculators? I was told that they have no answer (neither have I), but when demand mainly comes from speculators, it is meaningless to increase the production of cheap replica Rolex watches. This scarcity problem may require us to deal with it for a few more years before they find the answer and increase production.

Steel Rolex Replica Watches


Before that, you can do many things. If you want Rolex replica but are not willing to pay twice or even three times the retail sales, try to enter the waiting list with authorized dealers anyway. I have read some success stories about how people allocate Replica Rolex submarines or Explorer II in a reasonable amount of time. The other thing is to see if there is anything on the second-hand fake Rolex market that is not so hyped, but is still what you like. For example, the discontinued Rolex Heidwell 16600 is one of my favorite models, and the price is reasonable.

In addition, there are other replica brands that have good products to choose from, and will not be affected by this incredible demand. Of course, there is a reason for this, but I can’t imagine that nothing outside can make you happy. Even more importantly, once you have a deep understanding of the stories of some watches, they will suddenly become more attractive. You just need to be willing to have a bit of broad vision and research time. Last but not least, you can decide to wait. When this craziness passes, speculators will jump to the next big thing.